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About MamaB

In 2011, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and began chemo and radiation treatments. My cancer eventually went into remission, but the cancer and treatment had taken a toll on my body. I became severely sun sensitive, developed an auto-immune disorder, and was diagnosed with dermatomyositis. I tried a variety of sunscreen and suncare products including a UV jacket and umbrella, but would still be left with a sunburn. I started doing research on essential oils and their properties. Finally I took to my kitchen and developed MamaB's Organic Suncare. It worked so well I no longer have to continually wear the UV jacket or carry an umbrella. I'm excited to share this product with you and your family.

I use my MamaB’s Organic Suncare when it is less than 80 degrees outside when I’m going to work or running errands. If I know that I will be out in the sun for longer periods of time or if it is over 80 degrees outside, I wear MamaB’s Natural Sunscreen because I need the added protection of the zinc oxide. I live in the "Sun City" and we get up to 110 degrees of dry heat during the summer. I have to protect myself from the sun at all times due to my conditions. Wearing cotton clothing with long sleeves also helps me. Take care of yourself so you prevent getting too much sun exposure.

*Skin cancer has been proven to happen from sun exposure over your life time from how often you are out in the sun without protection. (According to my dermatologist)